Large-Scale, Unsustainable Development

Lighthouse Point is privately owned by an international developer and is currently being marketed for sale as a large-scale development opportunity. Large scale commercial developments have proven catastrophic in Eleuthera and other parts of The Bahamas, and this model is certainly not viable for Lighthouse Point and South Eleuthera. Large-scale commercial developments almost always strip locals of access to beaches and public spaces and instead of stimulating the local economy do the exact opposite. In worst case scenarios these developments also destroy the ecological and cultural assets of local environments. In Eleuthera, large-scale commercial ventures have been challenged by weak infrastructure and human capital to support these types of projects.  This has resulted in a number of unsightly, abandoned, unfinished projects and disturbed ecological areas with a resulting loss of biodiversity. This must not be allowed to happen at Lighthouse Point.

Key conservation groups and community organizations have gone on record to support the permanent preservation and conservation of Lighthouse Point. Unfortunately, attempts by conservation partners to purchase the property for its conservation value and develop it as a sustainable model have been unsuccessful.